When Good Counsel forward Vicki Anagnostopoulos gains possession of the ball, she seldom has to look very hard to find her front-line teammate Megan Novak. Now in their third year together with the No. 2 Falcons, the duo seems to have an innate sense of where the other will be at all times. Last night, the pair led visiting Good Counsel to a 4-2 win over St. John's.

Novak netted two first-half goals, both assisted by Anagnostopoulos. Anagnostopoulos, in turn, scored off a Novak assist only six minutes into the second half to give the Falcons (5-0 overall, 2-0 WCAC) a 3-0 advantage. The Cadets (6-3, 2-2) narrowed the margin to 3-2 with more than 20 minutes remaining, but Anagnostopoulos's final strike in the closing minutes sealed the win.

"Megan and I are pretty much one," said three-time All-Met Anagnostopoulos, who leads Good Counsel with 10 goals. "She works so hard off the ball. I don't know how she does it."

St. John's came out fast but the Falcons withstood the initial rally, then the pair connected on two set pieces separated by only four minutes in the first half. On the first, Anagnostopoulos rescued Janelle Neubauer's free kick that seemed destined to go over the St. John's end line, and slid a pass back to an onrushing Novak who put her shot into the top of the goal for the 1-0 lead. They connected again on a corner kick moments later for the 2-0 lead they took into intermission.

But as the second half wore on, it was apparent the Cadets were determined to stick close, even after they went down 3-0. After countless near misses and close calls, St. John's got on the board in the 54th minute when forward Tiffany McCarthy pounced on a loose ball in the box and buried it to narrow the deficit to 3-1. The Cadets got even closer three minutes later on Jerica Dewolfe's well-placed shot that made it 3-2.

"In order for us to beat Good Counsel, we cannot make mistakes," said Cadets Coach Errol Brathwaite. "We had our chances and I don't think they played much better than us, but we lost."

By the end of the game, the Good Counsel bench showed the effects of a tough match. Neubauer went down early in the second half with a knee injury, goalie Amanda Carta suffered a calf injury on McCarthy's goal and two other players were forced to the sideline with cramps.