Women's lacrosse teams, including those on the high school level, will use hard boundaries to define the field of play during games beginning this spring after the U.S. Lacrosse Women's Division Board of Governors approved the rule change this past weekend.

In previous years, games had been played on fields with no formal boundaries. The field would be enclosed by dotted lines, and officials could call the ball out of play at their discretion. Possession then was awarded to the team closest to the ball -- unless the ball carrier ran out of bounds. Now, as soon as the ball goes out of bounds, play will be stopped. If the ball carrier touches the line -- just like in basketball -- it will be a turnover. The maximum and minimum size of the playing surface remains the same.

"I don't think it will affect the high school game very much because we play in stadiums, and the referee blows the whistle as soon as the ball rolls over the sidelines that the boys' [lacrosse] team uses," said Whitman Coach Mary Pat Veihmeyer.


Loudoun Valley football coach Bruce Sheppard had his ejection from Friday's game against Park View that would have led to a one-game suspension rescinded yesterday.

Sheppard appealed the ruling on the field, in which officials ejected him from the game after two flags had been issued on the Vikings' sideline. Principals from the schools met with the head of the Northern Virginia Officials Association to overturn the ruling.

"I'm just happy to put this incident behind me and move forward in preparation for the Stone Bridge game and coaching my kids Friday night," Sheppard said. The Vikings play the Bulldogs tomorrow at 7:30 p.m.

Hat Trick for Graham

Junior Dana Rae Graham scored a hat trick in Watkins Mill's 3-0 win at Kennedy in field hockey. Graham has seven goals this season . . .

T.C. Williams won in double overtime against visiting West Potomac, 1-0, when with two minutes left, senior wing Andy Olson scored a one-touch hit off a free hit from Alison Burch. . . .

St. John's defeated visiting Paul VI Catholic for the first time since its volleyball program began seven years ago, 25-18, 25-20, 25-16. Senior Kristen Dozier had 15 kills and 10 blocks, and junior Dominique Bryant had 15 kills and 12 blocks.

-- Jon Gallo, Angela Watts

and Rachel Zavala