NASCAR officials penalized driver Robby Gordon for his on-track outburst in last week's race at Loudon, N.H., in which Gordon tried to ram Michael Waltrip's car in retaliation for an earlier incident, threw his helmet at Waltrip's car and uttered a profanity during a live TV interview. But in terms of the on-camera exposure it generated for Gordon's sponsors, TV coverage of the outburst was a bonanza.

Gordon's NASCAR-Issued Penalties

$25,000 for attempting to hit another car, throwing helmet at another car.

$10,000 for improper language during a TV interview.

Loss of 25 points in driver standings; probation for the remainder of the season.

$35,000 -- Total fines

Value Of TV Exposure For Gordon's Sponsors*

$246,000 -- Jim Beam

$188,600 -- Harrah's

$32,800 -- Menards

$467,400 -- Total exposure

*Calculated based on the amount of time Gordon's sponsors' logos were shown clearly and in-focus on his car and uniform during TNT's coverage of the incident, and replays of the incident during the live broadcast. The total time is converted to comparable advertising value. These values do not include exposure on subsequent highlight shows, which would escalate the value.

Source: NASCAR, Joyce Julius Associates.