Vikings 33, Saints 16

So Daunte Culpepper finally got his act together. After the game, however, the Vikings quarterback admitted he really missed Bill Maas. You know, what with his cogent TV analysis and all.

Cowboys 34, 49ers 31

It didn't become a decisive factor, but what was Bill Parcells thinking, going for two in the first half? And why do I keep having to explain to him the finer points of football?

Buccaneers 17, Packers 16

Green Bay PK Ryan Longwell didn't make too many friends in the locker room by first missing an extra point, then skipping a postgame meeting so he could rush home to catch "Desperate Housewives."

Bengals 24, Bears 7

It's become the hot new trend among NFL signal-callers, and Kyle Orton was darned if he was going to be the last to throw five interceptions in one game. This much quarterbacking generosity hasn't been seen since Dan Marino outfitted the entire Miami police department with Isotoner gloves.

Colts 13, Browns 6

Two home games, zero touchdown passes by Peyton Manning. Coach Tony Dungy points to skyrocketing fuel prices, saying air travel has become prohibitively expensive.

Seahawks 37, Cardinals 12

Quite the showdown between Seattle's Shaun Alexander and Arizona's Neil Rackers. Rackers would kick a field goal, then Alexander would rush for a touchdown, then Rackers would kick two, then Alexander would run for two more, then Rackers again, then Alexander again. What a surprise it must have been to the Cardinals to look up after this thrilling mano-a-mano confrontation and realize they had just gotten blown out.

Dolphins 27, Panthers 24

Coach Nick Saban has finally convinced the last skeptics the Fins were right to dump Dave Wannstedt. Boy, did it take a while for the Wannstedt family to come around.

Jaguars 26, Jets 20 (OT)

Fred Taylor, Ironman? In a game that featured not one, not two, but three injured quarterbacks and several other hapless souls in various degrees of gimpitude, Formerly Fragile Freddy toted the rock a career-high 37 times with nary a grimace.

Falcons 24, Bills 16

Michael Vick exploded in this one, throwing for 167 yards and two touchdowns. Vick throwing for 167 yards is a like a real quarterback throwing for 300, or J.P. Losman throwing for, well, 167.

Patriots 23, Steelers 20

A classic Pats win. On the road, Tom Brady unspectacular but coolly efficient, Adam Vinatieri getting it done in the clutch. And, as always, a flummoxed opponent walking off the field wondering how the heck it just lost.

Rams 31, Titans 27

Give the Rams some credit -- to win this game, they had to overcome a pesky Tennessee squad, a controversial call and, most impressively, Mike Martz's perpetually goofy play-calling.

Chargers 45, Giants 23

Despite being showered with boos all game long, Eli Manning throws for a career-high 352 yards. The Giants are now considering a plan to bus in Jets fans for important home dates.

Eagles 23, Raiders 20

A tale of two kickers: Philadelphia's David Akers, bad hammy and all, with a Willis Reed-like effort to win the game; and Oakland's Sebastian Janikowski, who never met a ham he didn't like, looking more like Willis Drummond with two big two misses.

-- Desmond Bieler

Tampa Bay wide receiver Joey Galloway enjoys a strong game in Green Bay, with five catches for 52 yards and two touchdowns. The Buccaneers are 3-0 for the first time since 2000; the Packers are 0-3 for the first time since 1988.