You want Peyton Manning for your team because he's the best passing quarterback in the NFL? Maybe ever? Fine, take him.

You want Donovan McNabb or Michael Vick because they're great runners and leaders as well as good passers? You got 'em.

You want Daunte Culpepper because you think the first two games this season were flukes, and what you saw on Sunday, with three touchdown passes and no picks, that's the real Culpepper? Take him. You want Byron Leftwich or Carson Palmer because they're young and they've got cannons? Fine. You want Brett Favre because you can't believe that for one game he isn't still the best? It's a sentimental choice, but sure, you've got him.

Take anybody you want.

Give me Tom Brady. Because he's a little thing I like to call money. He can't pass like Peyton, he can't run like Vick, he isn't as imposing as McNabb. No, Brady can't do anything but win. Did you see Brady in the fourth quarter against Pittsburgh, a deep playoff team, at Pittsburgh? With his team behind, he goes 12 for 12, and leads it on three scoring drives, including the last one where he got the ball with 1 minute 14 seconds left and no timeouts -- and calmly sailed up the field like he was steering a yacht. He had pretty much the best fourth quarter anybody's ever had in September. And oh, yeah, his team won. (If it's not being too greedy, give me Adam Vinatieri, too.)

In time Brady's looks will fade. (Sorry, Cindy.) In time he won't date hot actresses, and he won't make these indecipherable Visa commercials. But as long as Brady has fingers, there'll be a place for those three rings. Unless Brady makes the catastrophic mistake of "Krafting it" and handing one or two of them to Vladimir Putin.

The Patriots' Tom Brady can't pass like Peyton Manning, can't run like Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb, but can win like no one else.