The stories about the camaraderie among Centreville's offensive linemen are as remarkable as the exploits that the players deliver on the field. And the Wildcats' offense has been the direct beneficiary of the massive size and quickness of the linemen, who make a habit of moving defenses off the line of scrimmage.

Centreville is averaging 58 points per game thanks in large part to five senior linemen -- right tackle and Virginia Tech recruit Beau Warren, right guard Collin Miller, center Jim Edmundson, left guard Tom Humphreys and left tackle Tyler Morton -- who average 6 feet 2 inches and 253 pounds.

The seventh-ranked Wildcats will host No. 17 Westfield tonight in the Virginia AAA Concorde District opener for both teams. One of the attractions will be Centreville quarterback Drew Dudzik and wide receiver Cam Dohse, two of the Washington area's leaders in passing and receiving yards, respectively.

Dudzik, who has not been sacked and has thrown only one interception, has thrown for 700 yards and nine touchdowns. Dohse has caught 20 passes for 394 yards and six touchdowns -- including three receptions of 40 yards or more. Running backs Andrew Morgan and Brandon Davis have combined for 724 yards and 12 touchdowns.

All that success springs from a dominant offensive line.

"We're all pretty big," said Warren, the 6-4, 250-pound son of former Washington Redskins tight end Don Warren. "We also run a no-huddle offense that makes us pretty conditioned and able to push opposing teams off the ball. . . . It's a fairly simple offense we run, so we know exactly what to do."

The linemen have known each other and played together for four years now -- more, in some cases. Warren has known senior tight end Eric Bankert since they played 85-pound football as kids. Since then, the linemen have grown into a cohesive unit on and off the field.

During the summer, they meet at the school track for sprints. They serve as weightlifting partners for each other. They often gather at one of the players' houses to play poker. And after each game, they all go to the IHOP for food.

"Ever since we were freshmen, we have all worked together," the 6-4, 265-pound Humphreys said. "We have a lot of weapons, but it's nothing if the line doesn't do its job. We're bigger and faster than most of the other linemen in the region. With the six of us, we're just one machine."

Centreville's offensive line is anchored by, clockwise from bottom, Eric Bankert, Collin Miller, Tyler Morton, Beau Warren, Jim Edmundson and Tom Humphreys.