My editors asked me to write both ends of this debate because I am a long- (and loud-) suffering Jets fan, and they thought it would be amusing to torment me by forcing me to dwell on this hideous topic. This is what happens when you work for pond scum.

That being said, I would still take the Jets' situation over that of the Ravens. Baltimore is plugging someone in until Kyle "Pro" Boller comes back from a foot injury in a few weeks. All you need to know about Boller is that, when he got hurt, the home fans cheered. Now that's cold, hon. At least when Chad Pennington returns next year, the Jets will get a quarterback who has displayed a modicum of talent. And erstwhile backup Jay Fiedler, also seriously injured last Sunday (go figure), should be back sooner than that.

Moreover, after third-stringer Brooks Bollinger starts today, Gang Green has ol' semi-reliable, Vinny Testaverde, ready to take over. Vinny's got some years on him, and they weren't exactly Hall of Fame years, and I've seen statues of Saddam Hussein with more "escapability," but he does have a strong arm and veteran poise. I mean, Vinny's gotta be a better option than the schmo Baltimore's trotting out, Anthony Wright. Um, isn't he?

-- Desmond "the Glass Is Half Full" Bieler