Of course the Ravens' situation is better, because theirs comes with at least a scintilla of hope that, ultimately, it will turn out for the best. Jets fans have come to realize that there's no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Chad Pennington's woes remind us that the Jets haven't had the right signal-caller since women were gratefully accepting Joe Namath's offers of a kiss. Pennington was taken 18th overall in 2000, a mere 181 picks ahead of Tom Brady, who only got to start for the Patriots after the Jets had knocked Drew Bledsoe out, which, you know, seemed like a break at the time.

In 1991, Gang Green traded up in the draft to land Brett Favre, only to see him taken one pick ahead. So the Jets happily settled for -- all together now -- Browning Nagle. And who could forget 1983, when four quarterbacks were already off the board by the time the Jets picked 23rd. But Dan Marino, surprisingly, was still around. Marino was even more surprisingly still around when the Dolphins' picked 27th, after the Jets opted for then-unknown, and still-unknown, Ken O'Brien.

Hey, maybe with Pennington done, the Jets will be bad enough to land Matt Leinart in next year's draft. Leinart had better hope not.

-- Desmond "The Glass Is Half Full -- of Battery Acid" Bieler