Whoa, boy. Most readers still livid at my recent suggestion that Coach Joe was wrong to congratulate the FedEx fans three weeks ago for rattling Chicago rookie quarterback Kyle Orton apparently won't be satisfied until I'm lying face down in the end zone today under the feet of the "Funky Four" dance troupe.

You are a moron. I no longer respect the opinion of any University of Florida graduate. If you look up "fact" in the dictionary it reads: George Solomon's opinions are dumb and he should be writing the newsletter for "The Del Boca Vista Shuffleboard and mah-jong athletic club."

Alan Speicher, Centreville

Hey, Alan, let's not lump the thousands of intelligent UF grads with morons like me. Nor should we be putting down Del Boca Vista, which by the way, has a rep for being a pit for visiting shuffleboard teams and where mah-jong players can barely hear the crack of the tiles over the din of fanatical yentas.

I applaud your stand on this. Sportsmanlike conduct is not only disappearing, its demise is encouraged. When is the last time you have seen or heard a hometown crowd applaud, much less appreciate, a great play by the opposition? I remember Ken Griffey Jr. making an absolutely great catch in Baltimore and receiving a round of applause. Those days are gone.

Carter W. Minor, Annapolis

There are not many of us sportsmen left, Carter, so welcome to the club. But be careful; it's dangerous out there.

None of your readers like you after that incredible comment you made about the fan noise.

R. Perry, Camden, N.C.

Carter W. Minor agrees with me and we'll be prowling the stands at FedEx today looking for and recognizing good sports.

Loud crowd noise is something every visiting team in the NFL deals with. You don't see fans in Philadelphia, Oakland or Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium managing their noise levels. Nobody does. Why should Washington?

Chris Snyder

Hey, my point is that you can support your favorite team and still permit the visiting team to function. But many fans believe that support includes making so much noise the opposing team can't hear its signals. So, Chris, go ahead, do what you want today.