Second baseman Jose Vidro has known all year that something was wrong with his right knee that rest could not help. So it wasn't a surprise when Washington Nationals medical consultant Tim Kremchek recommended a second surgery in a year.

"Basically, he said I need the surgery if I'm going to play without this pain next year," said Vidro, who said the procedure would be a "cleanup" rather than a full repair.

Vidro missed the final six weeks of last season to have the surgery that was supposed to cure tendinitis in his right patella tendon. The inflamed part of the tendon was removed, but Vidro's knee has been sore all year and he has missed nearly half of the season.

Vidro will seek a second opinion from James Andrews. The sports orthopedist from Birmingham will attend tomorrow's Washington Redskins-Seattle Seahawks game and Vidro said Andrews will examine him at halftime at FedEx Field. "The process of rehabbing the other injury is different from this one," Vidro said. "I can be up in a couple of weeks."

Vidro will make his decision in a few days.

"[The injuries] get tiring," he said. "Mentally and physically it doesn't help. I don't want to tell you guys next year that I'm hurt again."

Hoping for New Owner

Vidro said Friday he hopes baseball chooses an owner for the team soon. Like other players who were with the team in Montreal, Vidro is tired of the uncertainty surrounding the team.

"We need owners as soon as possible," he said. "We need to know whoever the general manager is going to be, if the general manager is Jim Bowden [or someone else], so we can get some people in here.

"There are a lot of guys who are free agents. Not taking anything away from Brad Wilkerson but we need a leadoff guy who can get on base and steal a lot of bases. We need to bring [Esteban] Loaiza back. That's what I mean about getting a new owner."

Then he added with a small smile: "And it would help if he brings the fences in, too."