Watch Out for Wilma

* Hurricane Wilma is acting as if she doesn't want to be outdone by cousins Katrina and Rita.

Wilma, a small but incredibly strong storm, was blowing across Cuba and parts of Central America with winds of 175 miles per hour yesterday. That makes Wilma a Category 5 storm, the most powerful rating there is.

People were being ordered to leave the Florida Keys, the string of islands at the tip of the U.S. mainland. Wilma gained power very quickly: Early Tuesday the storm had winds of 70 mph, but by yesterday those winds were well above the 155 mph needed to be a Category 5 storm.

Wilma could hit the west coast of Florida by this weekend.

Saddam Hussein Trial Starts, Stops

* Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's trial started yesterday and quickly was put off for a month. Hussein said he was not guilty of charges that he ordered a massacre in which more than 140 men and boys were killed.

Many people in Iraq blame Hussein for the torture and killings of hundreds of thousands of people during his more than 25 years in power. The trial involves the deaths of people in one incident. Hussein is on trial with seven other individuals.

The trial could last for years, some experts say. If convicted, Hussein could be punished with death by hanging.

No Kicks for Adu

* Freddy Adieu?

D.C. United soccer star Freddy Adu is upset that he's not getting enough playing time and says he might look for a team where he can play more.

The 16-year-old player, who is tied for fourth on the team in goals, doesn't like that he hasn't been starting every game. "I get player of the week, and the next week I'm sitting on the bench," Adu said Tuesday.

Officials with D.C. United say that the defending Major League Soccer champs are so good that Freddy has to share playing time with other talented players.

D.C. United's first playoff game is tomorrow night against the Chicago Fire.

Iraqi children hold up a poster of relatives killed under the rule of Saddam Hussein.Freddy Adu wants to play more.