Worst Luck: With little more than a minute left and the game tied at 17, Clinton Portis dove for a Mark Brunell pass, only to watch the ball ricochet off his hands and land in the arms of Seattle cornerback Kelly Herndon. That interception set up a potential game-winning field goal for Seattle.

Best Luck: Maybe somebody was listening to the Redskins players who prayed instead of watching Seattle place kicker Josh Brown try a game-winning 47-yard field goal. Brown's kick, which looked good, faded and hit the left upright, forcing overtime.

Best Dramatic Pause: Before the Seahawks went for a crucial fourth and one with 5 minutes 46 seconds left, both teams used a timeout. That created a tense five-minute break, during which the crowd stood up twice in anticipation only to sit back down and wait. When the much-delayed play finally went off, Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck scrambled for a first down. The fans sat back down again.

Worst Use of Time: The Redskins held the ball for more than 13 minutes in the first quarter. They ran 27 plays, gained 88 yards, and made seven first downs -- for basically nothing. Washington's first two drives ended in a punt and a blocked field goal, so the quarter ended with Seattle ahead 3-0.

Best Play Calling: Instead of running Clinton Portis into a wall for the third consecutive play, the Redskins used a roll-out pass on third and goal from the 1-yard line late in the second quarter. The somewhat unusual play call led to what, for the Redskins, was a somewhat-unusual result: a touchdown, giving Washington a 7-3 lead.

Best Incomplete Pass: Late in the second quarter, Mark Brunell heaved a desperation throw to Santana Moss, who dove for the ball in the corner of the end zone. Moss jumped up and signaled for a touchdown, sending the crowd into a frenzied standing ovation. Officials, though, signaled incomplete pass because Moss never had possession -- a ruling that held up despite a Washington challenge.

Worst Use of Trickery: In perhaps an anti-climatic flea-flicker, the Redskins fooled absolutely nobody. Midway through the third quarter, Brunell handed off to Portis, who pitched it back to Brunell. With no receivers remotely open, Brunell threw the ball away, shrugged and walked back to the huddle.

Worst Penalty: The Redskins had one of two people to thank for setting up their second touchdown, depending on your rooting interests. They could either credit Michael Boulware, who got called for a 29-yard pass interference penalty that gave Washington a first and goal from the 4. Or they could thank the head official, who threw a flag despite the minimal contact Boulware made with wide receiver David Patten.

Best Fake: In the fourth quarter, Seattle wide receiver Joe Jurevicius faked a 10-yard route before turning to go deep, sending cornerback Carlos Rogers stumbling to the ground. For Rogers, it had all the potential in the world to become an embarrassing, welcome-to-the-NFL moment -- until Matt Hasselbeck threw the ball 10 yards over Jurevicius's head.

-- Eli Saslow

Running back Clinton Portis gained four yards on this fourth-and-one play, but the Redskins achieved little in the first quarter.