Don't say it.

Don't even think it.

Not yet anyway.

Exactly who have they beaten? The terrible Bears. The gasping Cowboys, who yesterday allowed winless Oakland to get off its 0-3 schneid. The midget Seahawks, now 1-11 when they have to play in the Eastern time zone.

So don't say it.

(Oh, come on, Tony, gas it up. The last time Washington was 3-0 was 1991, the year of, um, The Bandwagon. And, hello, once again the Super Bowl is being played under a dome in a cold-weather city. Gas it up, dopey.)


But I will say this: After a brace of alleged genius coaches came in here and exasperatingly lost close games, this guy is winning them. Has the team been lucky? Sure! But the team has played better each game. The defense is truly good. And the offensive line is beginning to overpower folks, albeit pint-size folks yesterday. (Maybe everybody ought to break both their thumbs, not just Jansen.)

Of course, the biggest difference is Brunell, who either is undergoing an alien invasion this year -- or underwent one last year, because he's an entirely different player. Who is he? Well, Steve Winwood would tell you, "He's the same boy he used to be." His legs are sound. His arm is strong. (You don't hear anybody call for Freddy Ramsey, do you?)

Did you see those three great plays Brunell made on third down in the overtime? That was the old Brunell, the one who steered Jacksonville to a couple of AFC championship games. And by looking like the old Mark Brunell, he's helping Joe Gibbs look like the old Joe Gibbs.

Joe Gibbs has Redskins improving each week.