Remember how all summer the number one soap opera was what would the Eagles do to Terrell Owens? Would they bench him? Suspend him? Trade him? Cut him?

Everyone agreed the Eagles had to do something to T.O., because he was so terribly disruptive. Not only was he threatening to hold out for more money (which the Eagles had no intention of giving him) -- worse, he was bad-mouthing Donovan McNabb.

Experts declared the Eagles a disaster zone. Surely, management would have to support McNabb. What kind of volatile chemistry results when your best wide receiver is feuding with your quarterback? T.O. wouldn't even speak to McNabb, for heaven's sake.

Here's what the Eagles did to T.O.: nothing. They put him in uniform and sent him onto the field.

And here's how T.O. is doing: After four games, he's first in the NFL in receptions, first in receiving yards and second, by one, in receiving touchdowns. So what if he's unhappy? It makes you wonder if that everybody-needs-to-get-along stuff may be overrated. McNabb throws T.O. the ball. T.O. catches it. End of story.

The Eagles wisely realized Owens was too good to dump out of pique and that he would play for them because it was the only way for him to get paid. And the Eagles knew McNabb was too smart to fall into Owens's petty, diva trap. Sometimes it seems you can do your best work with people you don't particularly like. Martin and Lewis; Simon and Garfunkel; Wes and Elvin; Steinbrenner and everybody; me and Wilbon. (Yes, that's a joke; I threw it in to see if you were still paying attention.) The Vikings got rid of Randy Moss, and they're 1-3. The Eagles kept T.O., and they're 3-1. Tell me, who's winning so far?

The Eagles found the perfect solution to their spat with wide receiver Terrell Owens: They did nothing.