Three months after being cut from the 2012 Olympics, baseball found out yesterday how close the decision was: three votes, according to international federation president Aldo Notari.

The result -- 54-50 against, with 53 votes in favor needed to remain -- was tight enough for the sport to push for a vote of reinstatement in February.

"We have a duty to get back in the Olympics," Notari said.

Notari said baseball would join softball -- which also was cut this summer -- in seeking another vote at the IOC's next general assembly in February.

"The result was very close in both cases, with a difference of only one or two votes," Notari said in a telephone interview from Italy. "I think we and softball deserve another chance."

Under IOC rules, at least one-third of the 115 members would need to submit a motion to consider a new vote. Then, half the membership would need to vote in favor of the motion. If that passed, the sports would require a majority in favor to win reinstatement.

"Baseball is one of the biggest sports in the world, it's the national sport in 14 countries," Notari said. "What other sport can say that, apart from soccer?"

-- From News Services