Astros 7W: Oswalt (1-0)

L: J. Sosa (0-1)Braves 3


Astros first: Biggio doubled. Taveras struck out. Berkman hit by pitch. Ensberg doubled, Biggio scored, Berkman to third. Lamb intentionally walked. Lane hit sacrifice fly, Berkman scored, Ensberg to third. Everett flied out. Astros, 2-0.

Braves second: A. Jones singled. LaRoche walked, A. Jones to second. Francoeur grounded into a double play, A. Jones out, LaRoche to second. Langerhans walked. McCann singled, LaRoche scored, Langerhans to third. Sosa singled, Langerhans scored, McCann to second. Furcal grounded out.

Tied, 2-2.

Astros third: Berkman struck out. Ensberg flied out. Lamb homered to right. Lane grounded out.

Astros, 3-2.

Astros seventh: Biggio doubled. Taveras infield single, Biggio to third. Foster pitching. Berkman singled, Biggio scored, Taveras to second. Devine pitching. Ensberg doubled, Taveras scored, Berkman to third. Lamb intentionally walked. Lane singled, Berkman scored, Ensberg to third, Lamb to second. Brower pitching. Everett hit sacrifice fly, Ensberg scored, Lamb to third. Ausmus grounded into a double play, Lane out. Astros, 7-2.

Braves eighth: Giles singled. C. Jones flied out. Wheeler pitching. A. Jones doubled, Giles scored. LaRoche flied out. Francoeur safe on Everett's error, A. Jones to third. Gallo pitching. Jordan pinch-hitting for Langerhans. Jordan grounded into fielder's choice, Francoeur out. Astros, 7-3.

AtlantaABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals3538329 -- Furcal ss500000.214MGiles 2b511003.231CJones 3b400001.182AJones cf403101.636LaRoche 1b311010.500Francoeur rf300001.300Langerhans lf210011.286BJordan ph-lf100000.000McCann c401101.250JoSosa p201101.500Johnson ph100000.000Reitsma p000000---Foster p000000---Devine p000000---Brower p000000---JuFranco ph101000.250Orr pr000000.000HoustonABRHBIBBSOAVGTotals32712734 -- Biggio 2b523001.500Lidge p000000---Taveras cf512001.455Berkman lf-1b321102.333Ensberg 3b412200.417Lamb 1b211120.500Burke lf0000001.00Lane rf302200.300AEverett ss301100.182Ausmus c300010.167Oswalt p300000.000Wheeler p000000---Gallo p000000---OPalmeiro ph100000.143Bruntlett 2b000000.000Atlanta

020000010 -- 380Houston

20100040x -- 7121 E: AEverett (1). LOB: Atlanta 8, Houston 7. 2B: AJones 2 (2), Biggio 3 (4), Taveras (1), Ensberg 2 (2), Lane (1). HR: Lamb (1), off JoSosa. RBI: AJones (4), McCann (4), JoSosa (1), Berkman (1), Ensberg 2 (7), Lamb (1), Lane 2 (3), AEverett (1). SF: Lane, AEverett. GIDP: Francoeur, Ausmus, Oswalt.

DP: Atlanta 2 (JoSosa, Furcal and LaRoche), (LaRoche, Furcal and Brower); Houston 1 (Ensberg and Lamb).

AtlantaIP HRERBBSONPERAJoSosa, L6 73323904.50Reitsma0 22200940.5Foster0 11100154.0Devine0 211101427.0Brower2 00001210.00HoustonIP HRERBBSONPERAOswalt, W7B633271063.68WheelerB1000096.75GalloB0000040.00Lidge1 10002130.00 Reitsma pitched to 2 batters in the 7th, Foster pitched to 1 batter in the 7th, Devine pitched to 3 batters in the 7th.

Inherited runners-scored: Foster 2-1, Devine 2-2, Brower 3-1, Wheeler 1-1, Gallo 2-0.

IBB: off JoSosa (Ausmus) 1, off Devine (Lamb) 1, off JoSosa (Lamb) 1. HBP: by Oswalt (Francoeur), by JoSosa (Berkman).

T: 2:50. A: 43,759 (40,950).