Let's see here, 3, 6, 9 . . . no, no, no, that can't work . . . um, 3, 8, 4 . . . dang it! I thought this one's supposed to be "easy." All right, I've got it now, 3, 9, 5, 3 -- d'oh!

Uh, what's that? You want me to answer the question? Oh, okay, sorry about that. I just figured that saying "Redskins" was so self-explanatory it required no further elaboration. So, you know, I went back to working on Sudoku. Man, that's one addictive puzzle. It combines the challenge of problem-solving with the fun of dawdling while real-life problems pile up. Why, just the other day . . . oh, right, the Redskins.

So for those who haven't followed this story (i.e., this is the first time you have ever read The Washington Post Sports section), the Redskins weren't supposed to be particularly good this year. Their defense was expected to be fairly stout, but the offense was considered suspect, to say the least. So far that's been good for three wins in as many games.

But it's three wins by a total of six points. And there was some good fortune in each victory, including last week with the Seahawks' game-winning field goal clanging off an upright and the semi-miraculous Hail-Mary-times-two win at Dallas three weeks ago.

Now, what was I doing?

-- Desmond Bieler