My efforts at increased sportsmanship among Redskins fans at FedEx Field seems to have failed, so I am thinking of marketing a "George Noisemaker" for all sports, including golf and tennis.

I would like to join those who have expressed shock at your idiotic comments about crowd noise at FedEx Field. Professional football is not golf, tennis or the opera. Fans are expected to make noise in certain situations. To suggest that it is poor sportsmanship is ridiculous. Amazing how one statement can tarnish an entire career. Goodbye and good riddance!

Del Lynch, Crofton

Del, my former pal: You're throwing me in the garbage over one paragraph? What about Feinstein's profanity-laced comments on the radio during last Saturday's Duke-Navy game that got him a contract extension from Navy, a raise and publicity for his new book? What about that?

I believe that you have been hanging out far too long on the golf course and tennis courts. The major component of home-field advantage is the loud support for the home team. You want the home crowd to make as much noise as possible to make it difficult for the opposing team to function.

K. Hartranft, Charlottesville

My attempt at improving fan behavior at U.S. football venues was a bust, so I will now consider trying to improve behavior at European soccer stadiums.

MLB is in a nearly ideal position with respect to the Nationals. The Nats won some games and stayed competitive late into the season, without actually beating out any of the other teams in the East. This sold tickets and raised the franchise value. But by finishing last, the Nats didn't beat any of their owners' other teams and they avoided postseason-driven salary demand. In addition, they give D.C. fans something to look forward to next year.

An out-of-town group will include some local participation, but they'll have no control over whether the team is ever moved. If the stadium deal falls through, the Nats could be in Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Sacramento, or anywhere but Washington.

Roger Cryan, Fairfax

Roger, can't we be a little more positive? My Man, Bud Selig, would not allow the Nats to move after all we've been through. Would he?