I don't know who had worse luck yesterday -- me or the Redskins.

Oh, sure, they lost by only two points and had that pesky "tuck rule" invoked on them, which reversed a fumble and cost them the two points they thought they'd earned on a safety. And soon after, they had a field goal attempt blocked, which cost them three more. At the end of the game they barely missed a two-point conversion that probably would have sent it to overtime.

Meanwhile, what about me? I missed all the good stuff.

Man, I must have the slowest right thumb in the world.

I was clicking my brains out, trying to keep up with the Tiger Woods-John Daly playoff, the Houston-Atlanta marathon and the Redskins game all at the same time -- and I kept landing wrong.

I was a split-second late on Daly lipping that three-footer to get to a third playoff hole. A three-footer! Come on, I thought J.D. had that easy, so I flipped over to the Redskins. When I clicked back, everybody was shaking Tiger's hand. I blew that one.

I was equally late on Chris Burke's home run in the bottom of the 18th for Houston. I'd been going back and forth between the Redskins and the Rocket -- Clemens was so great, coming on in relief and striking out four in three scoreless innings. But I was slow in clicking to the Astros' at-bats. I saw one out in the 18th, and when I got back, all I saw was confetti. Blew that one, too.

Even worse, I missed both of Tatum Bell's long touchdown runs. I'd alighted on Tiger during one, and on Clemens during the other. Tatum Bell, huh? Tatum O'Neal, I've heard of. Jack Tatum, too. But who on earth is Tatum Bell? Not that I should be surprised he gained 100-plus. Taco Bell would gain 100-plus for Denver.

So finally, in their fourth game, the Redskins didn't get lucky. They got beat by a Tatum Bell, an Ashley Lelie and a tight end named Putzier. Putzier than who is what I want to know.