Stampede at Concert

In South Korea Kills 11

SANGJU, South Korea -- Thousands of concertgoers trying to enter a stadium to hear old Korean songs sparked a stampede Monday that killed 11 people and injured 72 others, officials said.

The stampede occurred about 165 miles southeast of Seoul as 20,000 people were entering a sports stadium for a concert organized by a local TV network.

"There were elderly people in the front, and when pushed from behind . . . [they] fell, leading to a chain reaction of falling and being crushed," Kang Mi Kyung, a witness, told the Yonhap news agency.

Among the dead were eight women ages 54 to 76, a city official said. The concert was for a program of songs popular among the elderly, part of a weekly show that is aired nationally.


* LUXEMBOURG -- The European Union imposed an arms embargo on Uzbekistan, cut aid and suspended a cooperation accord to punish the increasingly isolated country for refusing to investigate the violent suppression of an uprising in the city of Andijan in May.

* KABUL, Afghanistan -- Government forces battled suspected Taliban rebels in heavy fighting near the Pakistani border, killing 31 militants, the Defense Ministry said.

Meanwhile, thousands in Kabul and the northern city of Mazar-e Sharif protested the killing of a candidate in last month's parliamentary elections. Ashraf Ramazan was shot in Mazar-e Sharif on Sept. 27. The demonstrators demanded the resignation of Gov. Atta Mohammed of Balkh province, accusing him of plotting the attack.

* BEIJING -- A gas explosion in a Chinese coal mine killed at least 34 people, the official New China News Agency reported. The blast occurred in a mine near Hebi, a city in the central province of Henan.


* VATICAN CITY -- As Pope Benedict XVI convened hundreds of bishops for the first synod of his papacy, Roman Catholicism's global priest shortage loomed large. In a 52-page report read aloud before Benedict, Cardinal Angelo Scola of Venice listed issues facing the synod, including the concerns of some bishops who "put forward the request to ordain married faithful of proven faith and virtue."

* CLERMONT-FERRAND, France -- French police arrested three suspected members of the Basque separatist group ETA, including the second in command of its military wing, authorities said. The Spanish government identified the alleged number two as Harriet Aguirre, calling him one of the most wanted terrorists in France and Spain.


* SAN SALVADOR -- Heavy rains triggered landslides that killed at least 31 people in El Salvador, while rising rivers forced evacuations there and in Guatemala. Both countries put their Pacific coasts on alert as a tropical front swept in.

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