Cavaliers all-star forward LeBron James was released from a Cleveland hospital yesterday following a two-night stay because of a virus that caused severe pain in his chest.

James was hospitalized Wednesday for what the team initially called a strained pectoral muscle. But Cavaliers General Manager Danny Ferry said yesterday that James had pleurisy, an inflammation of the thin layers of tissue covering the lungs and chest cavity.

The 20-year-old is being treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication, and the team said it expects James to make a "quick, full recovery." James missed the team's preseason home opener last night against Philadelphia, and it remains unclear when the third-year pro will return.

"We're all happy that it was nothing more than that," Ferry said. "He's feeling better already. It's a minor thing."

After the pain in his chest worsened following practice on Wednesday, James was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic for what the team initially diagnosed as a strained chest muscle. James underwent a series of tests Thursday that all came back normal, but he was kept overnight because he had a fever.

The Cavaliers have a road preseason game in Milwaukee today, but it's doubtful James will make the trip.

"He could possibly play tomorrow, if he wants, but we'll probably end up holding him out," Cleveland Coach Mike Brown said. "It's the preseason, the first few games really aren't important. I don't care if we win or lose preseason games. My main focus is to get guys rest."

-- From News Services