1. A day of drama and irrelevance

Imagine two great games on Dec. 3: Georgia and Alabama square off in an SEC title game featuring two undefeated teams, and Virginia Tech meets Florida State in an ACC title game matchup of two unbeaten schools. And, well, neither winner can earn a Rose Bowl berth. For the second straight year, an undefeated team from the SEC gets left out of the national title game.

Odds: Feasible. Assuming everyone who is undefeated remains that way, the SEC champ will have an uphill climb in the computer polls. Virginia Tech could sneak in the Rose Bowl, but not if Texas's computer points improve in the coming weeks.

2. The defending champs get left out

Say USC loses to Notre Dame by a couple points, and no team in America finishes the year unbeaten. Can the Trojans be denied a chance to defend the titles they won the past two years? Could we instead see a Rose Bowl matchup of, say, Virginia Tech-Texas, even though neither school finished with a better record than USC?

Odds: Unlikely, but possible. Even if USC remained No. 1 in the two human polls with one loss, the Trojans could drop in the computers, which aren't crazy about USC as it is. Currently, USC is third or worse in at least four of five computer polls. And at least a few computer polls would not take into account that the loss came in South Bend.

3. Karma strikes Mack Brown

Watch Texas be one of three or four teams to run the table and the Longhorns get left out of the Rose Bowl despite possessing the best road victory -- a Sept. 10 win at Ohio State -- of any team in the country. Some people would say it serves Coach Mack Brown right after he lobbied for votes last year, when Texas slipped into the Rose Bowl rather than California.

Odds: Pretty good. Virginia Tech and Texas seem to be neck and neck right now for No. 2 in the BCS standings. It remains to be seen how a down year for the Big 12 affects Texas's ratings in the computer standings. This is the chaos scenario most likely to occur.