What a grand time for a sports fan: Redskins off to a good start (3-1), with a soap opera (LaVar) to boot, exciting baseball playoffs, NHL back on, Wizards exhibitions, college football in high gear, with college basketball starting up, soccer and real fans attending the races at Laurel. Still, miss the Nats.

After your recent criticism of Redskins fans, you are now criticizing a defensive coaching staff that has been nothing short of brilliant over the LaVar Arrington situation. LaVar has been overhyped, overpaid and overrated since he arrived here. The Redskins finally have a coaching staff with the guts to sit down a "star" until he shows that he will be an asset to a defense. I used to look forward to reading about my beloved team in my favorite newspaper and now I just read your drivel and laugh at the pettiness.

Patrick F. Lindsey

I don't think it's petty to suggest a defense that allowed Denver's Tatum Bell to run 34 and 55 yards for touchdowns last Sunday in a 21-19 Broncos victory could use some help. Arrington has been to the Pro Bowl three times in five seasons and the Redskins signed him last year to an eight-year, $68 million contract. Now he can't get on the field?

As one of the few voices agreeing with you on fan conduct, given the tenor and hostility of the comments disagreeing, it is now clear why parents are required to sign conduct cards in order for their children to play sports in many leagues. I assume that they bring the same passion to their kids' games -- it all starts at home!

Carter W. Minor, Annapolis

I'm sure Redskins fans who want to be the "12th man" at FedEx Field behave at their children's games. At least I hope so, although from some of the more aggressive responses I may consider visiting some venues in the coming weeks.

You are being naive in trusting either Bud Selig or Jerry Reinsdorf to do right by the Washington fans in the selection of a new owner. For 10 years, Selig would not even list Washington as a possibility for a franchise, while naming a number of midsize cities, as well as Japan and Mexico, as sites. Neither Selig nor Reinsdorf is worthy of any benefit of the doubt.

Bill Nelson, Falling Waters, W.Va.

Selig was very impressed with attendance at RFK Stadium this season and understands the value ($450 million) of this franchise. And without Reinsdorf there would be no Nationals.