News comes from the National Zoo that the baby panda finally has a name: Tai Shan, which reportedly means "peaceful mountain."

Out of more than 200,000 votes cast on the zoo's Web site, Tai Shan must have narrowly beaten out Sheng Hua, which roughly means, "Are you trying to tell me that LaVar can't even get in the game on third and long to rush the passer?"

Tai Shan was one of five names proposed by the zoo and Chinese officials, adhering to the stipulation that the names be Chinese in origin.

None of the five names on the ballot did much for me. I had my own five.

I preferred Yao Ming, which roughly means "Yao Ming."

And, of course, I like Bling-Bling. (Who doesn't?)

I would have liked Moo Shoo Pork, which means good eating.

Or a traditional Chinese phrase, like Take Out.

My favorite name for the baby panda is one I'm sure would have gathered momentum if the Redskins had won at Denver and Kansas City and now stood 5-0.

Xiao Gibbs.

Sp-skins1 - 7/31/2005 - 170699 - Ashburn VA - Photo by John McDonnell- Washington Redskins report to summer training camp. Head coach Joe Gibbs gives a press conference . StaffPhoto imported to Merlin on Sun Jul 31 15:27:05 2005