Robbery suspects fleeing from police in Maryland crashed into a car in the District yesterday, injuring three people inside.

The incident led to two arrests, authorities said.

At one point after the crash, a man living on Branch Avenue SE in the District looked out his window to see a man running through his front yard, with a police officer close behind, gun drawn.

As he looked out, said Gregory Brown, it appeared that the pursuing officer's pistol was "pointed in my face."

A Prince George's County police spokesman said the incident began about 3:15 p.m. when police interrupted a robbery at Owens and Wheeler roads in the Temple Hills area of the county.

Three men jumped into a stolen car and drove off, with police in pursuit.

In the 1900 block of Branch Avenue, near the intersection with Pennsylvania Avenue SE, the car crashed into the other vehicle, according to the spokesman.

Brown said he was indoors when he heard the impact. "Awful," he said. "Car brakes," followed by a "big crash."

For a while, according to Brown, it was "complete chaos." The men, he said, "all scattered in different directions."

It appeared to him that as many as a dozen county police cars arrived. Police raced after the men.

After two of them were picked up, Brown said, dogs were brought by D.C. police to search for the third.

Brown and another witness, Eric Periotti, said it took about 20 minutes for an ambulance to come, apparently because a wrong address had been given.