Before Heisman Trophy campaigns became primarily Internet-centric entities, schools had to get creative to promote their players. Below are some of our favorite publicity stunts. Alas, of the 10 players listed, only Ty Detmer actually brought home the hardware.

Ryan Leaf, Washington State, 1997: Voters were sent an envelope containing a leaf by the school.

Paul Palmer, Temple, 1986: A 14-page comic book depicting the player was published by the school.

Joe Theismann, Notre Dame, 1970: The school got Theismann to change the pronunciation of his last name from "Thees-mon" to rhyme with "Heisman."

Joey Harrington, Oregon, 2001: A 10-story tall picture of the quarterback, costing $250,000, took over Times Square.

Orlando Pace, Ohio State, 1996: The school sent voters cardboard pancakes featuring the number of times Pace pancaked opponents.

Jeff Hostetler, West Virginia, 1983: A song was written about the quarterback titled "Ole Hoss."

Terry Kinard, Clemson, 1982: The school sent voters "Special K" cereal.

Chris Miller, Oregon, 1986: The school produced digital clocks with the phrase, "It's Miller Time!"

Ty Detmer, Brigham Young, 1990: The school mailed voters blue-and-white ties.

Hugh Green, Pittsburgh, 1980: The school sent voters life-size posters of the 6-foot-2 linebacker.