Therese Ricca learned to regret getting out the video camera when her children were younger.

"They were two or three years old and would be outside playing," she said. "I would take out the video camera and they would start fighting."

So imagine the competitiveness today when one son -- J.D. Ricca, the starting quarterback at Hampden-Sydney -- faces younger brother Keith, the starting quarterback at Catholic, at 1 p.m. at DuFour Field.

J.D. Ricca (St. John's) is a senior and three-year starter for the Tigers (4-2, 2-2 Old Dominion Athletic Conference). He is the career leading passer in conference and school history.

Keith Ricca is a freshman from St. John's-Prospect Hall. He set a school record with 488 passing yards and five touchdowns in a 41-34 win over La Salle last week for the Cardinals (3-3, 1-1).

Not that the record-setting performance is what caught his siblings' eye right away.

"Three of us had gone to J.D.'s game, and we were calling back and forth for updates," Therese Ricca said. "When we finally got Keith after the game, all I could hear was [daughter] Jacqui say, 'How did you do? You threw three interceptions? That's embarrassing.' "

There is a competitive edge between the brothers, said Catholic Coach Tom Clark.

"They play golf, and we're not talking fun little golf games," Clark said. "I was at the house over the summer, and Keith and J.D. and their brother-in-law, Tim Ready, were in the back yard, having a contest to see who could throw the football the farthest. It's competitive over there."

The brothers' usual conversations during the week about upcoming games have been somewhat curtailed.

"We don't have as much to talk about this week," Keith Ricca said. "We talk about the family and what's going on back home, but we won't get into any game plan stuff."

One thing is certain, though. The winner today won't forget it anytime soon.

"I want to win and I want my brother to play well," J.D. Ricca said. "Whoever wins is going to have bragging rights for the rest of our lives. We're going to tell our kids about this one day."

-- Christian Swezey