Virtually everyone believes the country's best three teams are Southern California, Texas and Virginia Tech. Even the wild and unpredictable Harris Interactive poll got it right. A man named Wes Colley, however, believes otherwise, and his opinion counts. The computer formula devised by Colley, hence the name Colley Matrix, is used as part of the Bowl Championship Series formula to determine who plays for the national title.

Colley is a University of Virginia graduate, but he might as well have an honorary degree from every Southeastern Conference school. In Colley's rankings, which don't account for game location, Georgia is first and Alabama is third. USC (second), Texas (fourth) and Virginia Tech (sixth) all rank below the Bulldogs. To that end, the Trojans' victory at Notre Dame and Texas's triumph at Ohio State mean little more than Georgia beating Vanderbilt.

Despite Colley's SEC-leaning poll, the loudest clamoring when the final BCS rankings are released Dec. 5 should come from the SEC -- again. Barring a couple of upsets, an undefeated SEC team likely will have no chance to claw up the BCS rankings into the Rose Bowl. There was virtually no tweaking in the system after unbeaten Auburn was excluded from the title game last year.

Hokies quarterback Marcus Vick can don a Texas Tech warmup suit all he wants today while watching the Red Raiders take on Texas. But if the Longhorns don't lose, they'll likely be destined for the Rose Bowl. In that scenario, the best the Hokies likely could hope for would be an Orange Bowl matchup with a 9-2 Notre Dame team. When asked whether they approve of the computer rankings, few coaches are as blunt as Fighting Irish Coach Charlie Weis: "I don't know, nor do I care."