Broncos at Giants

4:15 p.m.


Total points the Broncos have given up to the Giants in the first quarter of their eight regular season meetings. The Broncos enter this game with a 5-1 record that seemed unlikely, to say the least, after Week 1, when they were walloped by the Dolphins, who were coming off a 4-12 season. Denver has gotten its act together in several areas but most noticeably at quarterback, where Coach Mike Shanahan appears to have made Jake Plummer a more efficient player than many thought he could ever be.

Plummer had shown marked improvement in his first two seasons with the Broncos after throwing 114 interceptions, compared to 90 touchdowns, over six years with the Cardinals.

But he started poorly this season, tossing three picks against one score while averaging 42.5 attempts in the first two games. Since then, Denver has been able to run the ball more and throw it less, a time-honored formula for success in the NFL. Sure enough, while averaging 23.3 attempts over the past four games, Plummer has accumulated six touchdowns, no interceptions and three passer ratings well over 100.

"You always want your quarterback to manage a game," Shanahan said of his attempts to reform the former gunslinger. "That's for sure, and he's been doing a good job."

Jake Plummer is handling the ball with care.