What a week: Isn't anyone happy? Freddy Adu wants more playing time. LaVar gets on the field for two plays. MLB's lead guy in its dealings in Washington, Jerry Reinsdorf, is too busy to deal because his White Sox are in the Series. And Coach Joe is angry because he doesn't like to read bad stuff 'bout the Niners, which I believe is better than reading bad stuff 'bout the Redskins. At least Feinstein is happy, as first-week sales of his new book 'bout the Ravens, "Next Man Up" soared past "1776" because everyone thinks it's 'bout baseball.

I hope your faith in Bud Selig and Jerry Reinsdorf is justified and we end up with good ownership, but unless there has been a conversion, I don't think there is anything in the past of either to have any confidence in them. I think the only reason we have baseball is that the other owners were fed up with their losses from owning the Expos franchise, and they had no other alternative.

Bill Nelson, Falling Waters, W.Va.

My Main Man, Bud Selig, who was crushed when the Senators moved to Texas in '71, always wanted a team in Washington. It just took 34 years.

It's impossible for me to imagine a business entity the stature of MLB that can't close a $450 million deal because the negotiator is busy. Sorry. This doesn't wash. It is simply not a priority to them since they milked all they could get out of Washington this year and the cow is now dry. It's time for the prospective owners to complain since they might be impacted for next year. But wait. They can't do that, can they?

Jim Schmitt, Leesburg

We all agree the sale process has taken longer than one would have hoped.

MLB only allowed the Expos to be moved to D.C. with the understanding that a new park be built and a deal is a deal. But I don't look forward to a new stadium and getting priced out of the ballpark.

Eric Leifer, Washington

One of the joys of the Nats' first season at RFK Stadium was the reasonable price of tickets.

Well, it's that time now: The leaves are turning burgundy and gold, and all the Redskins need to do is win 11 in a row to hit that 14-2 mark you predicted.

Artie Negrin, Fairfax

Artie, my man, the team needs your support not cynicism regarding overly optimistic preseason forecasts. So get out there today and rattle that 49ers rookie QB.