Have you noticed how often sports stations keep showing the clip of Bill Parcells shoving one of his assistants during the Cowboys game Sunday? The clear implication is that the Tuna is some sort of monster, like Woody Hayes.

Except Woody took a swing at, and hit, a player -- and it wasn't even one of his own. It was a player from the other team, who'd just intercepted a pass from Woody's team. And you know how much Woody hated passing. (Oh, right, maybe you don't, considering the play in question happened 27 years ago, and Woody died 18 years ago. At this point, he might as well have been Rutherford B. Hayes. Forgive me, I'm having a grandpa moment.)

My point is Parcells was peeved at one of his own coaches, who was yapping at the official Parcells was talking to. It's the Tuna's job to scream at the officials, not this clown's. Parcells warned the coach once, then went after him when he wouldn't shut up. My feeling is that Parcells had every right to plant this bozo, especially considering he's the wide receivers coach. That job is so far down the food chain this guy is lucky to even be allowed to breathe the same air as the Exalted Tuna. Come on, my dog could be a wide receivers coach. Had it been a coordinator yapping, okay. But the wide receivers coach? Please.

Parcells was under a lot of stress because his field goal kicker had once again missed an easy kick and blamed somebody other than himself. Well, now Jose Cortez can blame everything in the universe on his new teammates in Philadelphia, as Parcells cut him like rye bread.

Seeing clips of Parcells always makes me nostalgic for when he coached the Giants. Sure, he went on to New England and the Jets and the Cowboys. But to me Bill Parcells will always be the coach of the Giants. And now that Joe Gibbs is back with the Redskins, and they're playing the Giants on Sunday, I want Parcells to be coaching against him. That's what the Redskins and Giants are: Gibbs against Parcells.

Tom Coughlin? Who's he?

The Tuna, Bill Parcells