Two dietary supplements that contain anabolic steroids have been pulled from store shelves by the company that markets the products.

Applied Lifescience Research Industries, Inc., (ALRI) has ceased production and sales of Ergomax LMG and Prostanozol, the Las Vegas-based company announced on its Web site.

The two products were among five dietary supplements recently tested for The Washington Post by Don Catlin, the head of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory in Los Angeles, who concluded that all contained steroids that were undetectable in standard steroid screens. The Post reported on Catlin's findings in an Oct. 18 story.

In a brief statement, ALRI said it would discontinue the two dietary supplements and "similar products."

"We are proud of the products that we have developed and marketed to help our customers achieve their training and fitness goals," the statement said. "However, while it was never our objective to create or market supplement products for the purposes of undetectability in doping tests or to undermine fairness in sports in any way, we have decided that the most appropriate course of action is to discontinue these products at this time, and to focus instead on continuing to bring you innovative new quality supplements."

-- Amy Shipley