This week's slate of games appears to be the weakest of the season so far, but that doesn't necessarily mean nothing will occur that will shake up the national title or Heisman Trophy picture. In fact, even when fans think everything will go according to form, something zany usually happens. Just look at the Big Ten, which went from a predictable, humdrum conference to a dramatic and completely up-in-the-air conference in two months.

We'll attempt to measure just how difficult it is to predict outcomes, even on what appears to be a no-thrills Saturday. Call this a battle among man and beast, computer and currency. Each will predict the outcomes of the two best games from the five best conferences. On Monday, we'll reveal the results.

A college football reporter's predictions, obviously, were based on his knowledge of the teams, gut instinct and unavoidable biases. A computer -- a popular college football video game on PlayStation 2 -- simulated all 10 games, deciding outcomes based on an array of statistics, player ratings and advantages of various home fields. A coin flip decided the outcomes based on random selection, heads or tails.

Which brings us to Judy the cat, who made her picks thusly:

On Thursday evening, an identical amount of canned tuna was placed in two identical cereal bowls (orange), each fresh from the dishwasher. The bowls were then placed atop media guides from opposing schools an equal distance from Judy, who then made her pick. After three choices, she got bored with tuna, and her caretaker drove to the grocery store to get turkey lunchmeat, another of her favorites. This was good for three more choices before she got bored. Yesterday morning, before her breakfast, the process was repeated until she had picked all 10 games.

The feline presumably used the same carefree thought process a person uses when deciding which sock to put on first, which might be all it takes to best forecast the direction of the college football season.

-- Eric Prisbell

Judy the cat, after examining schools' media guides, makes her picks for today's games.

Yes, you heard right. Cat got your tongue?