My trying to jump on third-ranked Virginia Tech's bandwagon last Sunday seemed to strike a nerve with many Maryland fans. Several points: The Hokies don't want me on their bandwagon; they know I'm a Florida Gator, teach a sports journalism class at Maryland and the one time I drove to a Virginia Tech game I mistakenly wound up at William and Mary.

Your column last week -- "Our Guys Are Undefeated" -- sickens me and ends my support and readership of your newspaper. Virginia Tech is not a local school. It is nearly 300 miles from Washington. The 30,000 alumni in the area do not change this fact. The University of Maryland is the only major college football program within the Beltway.

Dan Capshaw, Columbia

You mean with one kiss-up column for Virginia Tech I wiped out 128 years of fine Washington Post journalism?

Given the dwindling readership of The Post in the D.C. area, you could suggest to the circulation department that they start handing out free copies of The Post (with your column, of course) in the Giant or Harris Teeter stores in Blacksburg and Charlottesville, where you seem to be working on your readership base.

Mary Ann Hoffman, Bethesda

My readership base, as you call it, stretches as far south as Boca.

I am a bit confused by your reasons for calling Virginia Tech a local team. I seriously hope your column on this issue was an attempt at being sarcastic. Based on your logic, The Post should consider my West Virginia Mountaineers a local team. We have 15,000 to 20,000 WVU alumni in the D.C. area. When we play at Maryland, thousands of our fans drive over to College Park. Plus, Morgantown is closer to D.C. than Blacksburg.

Mark L. Mouser, Manassas

I love West Virginia. My friend Sam Huff played there 50 years ago and my buddy, Paul from the gym sends his kid there and says he pays the tuition bill on time.

It's refreshing to see a celebrity athlete [Freddy Adu] disciplined for whining in public rather than maintaining a semblance of dignity and doing so in private. Adu is a good soccer player who plays with flashes of brilliance, but he is far from great.

Ray Caldwell, Annandale

Freddy is 16. Cut him some slack.