Okay, as of right now I'm out of the predicting business. I was one of those morons who thought the Redskins would beat the Giants. I was confident this would happen because the Giants have a sieve for a defense, and could not possibly stop the Redskins.

Pretty slick call, huh?

Wake me the next time the Redskins get a first down, okay? Or cross midfield. Do you know exactly how many yards the Redskins had when the Giants had 199? Go ahead, take a guess. Did you guess "two"? Oy!

Here's what I didn't foresee: That the clock would strike midnight for Mark Brunell, and he would revert back to the pumpkin of 2004, passing for only 65 yards. That's for the game. Tiki Barber ran for 57 yards on the first play!

That Clinton Portis would run for nine yards. Yep, nine yards. Tiki Barber rushed for 206. Maybe Portis ought to dump that "Jerome from Southeast" alter ego and try for something a bit more productive, say, "Jim Brown from Syracuse."

That the Giants, who were giving up 412 yards per game, would inexplicably stiffen, and allow the Redskins only 125 -- and would sack them five times, intercept them once and force three fumbles, including that pathetic one on the opening kickoff of the second half. Why not just hand the ball to the Giants?

The Giants were in Redskins territory so often they could have claimed the land for Frank Gifford and built a hotel in the red zone. Seriously, who is Jay "Touchy" Feely, and how did he come to boot five field goals? He's not A.J. Feeley going incognito, is he? The Redskins lost, 36-0. Who loses by 36 points? Last week, the Redskins only beat the horrifying 49ers by 35!

The Redskins laid an egg the size of Tony Siragusa's stomach. They got shut out for the second time in Joe Gibbs's career -- the first coming at the Meadowlands in a 40-mph gale in the 1986 NFC championship game. Weather was no factor yesterday. The Redskins were simply so awful they would have lost to Wellington Mara's 40 grandchildren.

Bandwagon? Are you nuts?

It's easier to foresee the Redskins beating the Giants when you assume that Tiki Barber (21) would need more than one play to nearly match Mark Brunell's total output.