Kings21121915 -- 67Hornets22222821 -- 93

J.R. Smith scored 19 points and had two electrifying dunks as New Orleans beat Sacramento on the NBA's opening night, which also marked the first of 35 Hornets home games in Oklahoma City.

The celebration began with a street party outside the Ford Center, then got even more lively inside the sold-out arena as the Hornets, 18-64 last season, beat a Kings team expected to contend.

P.J. Brown scored eight points during a 16-2 run midway through the second quarter that gave the Hornets a 38-27 lead. Brown finished with 20 points and 10 rebounds.

The Hornets were searching for a place to play this season after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. The other six home games will be played in Baton Rouge, La.


MinFGFTO-TAPFPts.Totals 240:0025-8014-1910-36132567Abd.-Rahim 30:407-130-04-81214Stojakovic 33:555-146-61-41018Miller 25:172-50-10-3244Bibby 27:383-111-11-4438Wells 27:512-112-21-6146Thomas 18:512-60-01-7014Hart 17:540-41-21-1211Martin 20:091-51-20-0033Skinner 17:002-40-21-2044F. Garcia 12:341-63-30-1105Williamson 5:430-00-00-0120Price 2:280-10-00-0010

Percentages: FG .312, FT .737. Three-Point Goals: 3-13, .231 (Stojakovic 2-7, Bibby 1-2, Miller 0-1, Martin 0-1, F. Garcia 0-2). Blocked Shots: 5 (Skinner 2, Miller, Martin, Abdur-Rahim). Turnovers: 18 (Miller 3, Martin 3, Hart 3, Wells 3, Bibby 2, Stojakovic, Skinner, Williamson, F. Garcia). Steals: 8 (Martin 2, Stojakovic, Bibby, Miller, Abdur-Rahim, Hart, Wells). Flagrant foul: Miller, 7:56 third.

New Orleans

MinFGFTO-TAPFPts.Totals 240:0035-7319-226-52212193West 27:294-90-00-11248Nachbar 21:132-40-00-2325Brown 31:299-122-23-102220Paul 33:323-76-60-84013Smith 29:117-144-50-53319Claxton 20:537-102-20-14217Andersen 21:210-40-02-6120Butler 19:281-60-00-3042Mason 16:040-41-20-3111Vroman 11:151-22-31-2104Bass 4:261-10-00-1012Macijauskas 3:390-02-20-0002

Percentages: FG .479, FT .864. Three-Point Goals: 4-11, .364 (Claxton 1-1, Nachbar 1-2, Smith 1-3, Paul 1-3, Butler 0-2). Blocked Shots: 4 (Mason, Andersen, Claxton, Paul). Turnovers: 20 (West 4, Paul 4, Claxton 3, Brown 2, Nachbar 2, Butler 2, Andersen, Smith, Bass). Steals: 7 (Paul 2, Nachbar, West, Smith, Claxton, Butler). Flagrant foul: Smith, 7:56 third.

A: 19,163 (17,200). T: 2:05.