Nuggets21272419 -- 91Spurs27192333 -- 102

Tony Parker scored 14 of his 26 points in the fourth quarter and newcomer Michael Finley added 11 points in the period, as the Spurs won the opening game for both teams in San Antonio.

Before the game, San Antonio unveiled its third championship banner in the rafters of the SBC Center, and NBA Commissioner David Stern was on hand for the team's returning players to receive their diamond-studded title rings.

The Nuggets, who were eliminated in five games by the Spurs last spring in the first round of the playoffs, were without Coach George Karl. He is serving a two-game suspension for making improper contact with a prospect over the summer. Assistant coach Scott Brooks took Karl's place on the Denver bench.

And for most of the game, the Nuggets were also without key reserve Nene, who left in the first quarter with a leg injury.


MinFGFTO-TAPFPts.Totals 240:0041-849-1512-35211891Anthony 34:3510-173-56-84423Martin 32:139-191-21-23519Camby 31:472-60-03-11354Miller 39:164-60-00-3618Lenard 34:584-100-00-2028Nene 2:330-10-00-0010Boykins 23:326-131-30-05013Najera 21:355-94-52-40014Buckner 7:380-10-00-3000Johnson 7:111-20-00-0002Elson 4:420-00-00-2000

Percentages: FG .488, FT .600. Three-Point Goals: 0-7, .000 (Anthony 0-1, Boykins 0-1, Buckner 0-1, Johnson 0-1, Lenard 0-3). Blocked Shots: 4 (Camby 2, Anthony, Johnson). Turnovers: 13 (Camby 3, Anthony 3, Lenard 2, Nene 2, Martin 2, Miller). Steals: 6 (Camby 2, Boykins, Lenard, Miller, Martin). Technical Foul: Defensive Three Second, 11:46 third.

San Antonio

MinFGFTO-TAPFPts.Totals 240:0041-8216-2115-422119102Bowen 20:132-50-02-4214Duncan 37:448-173-45-106219Nesterovic 10:161-20-01-2032Parker 33:4913-200-10-23226Ginobili 28:422-96-81-42010Finley 27:477-101-21-51116Horry 24:531-64-42-8327Barry 19:181-30-00-2213Oberto 14:013-40-02-4036Van Exel 14:112-50-00-0235Mohammed 9:061-12-21-1014

Percentages: FG .500, FT .762. Three-Point Goals: 4-13, .308 (Finley 1-1, Barry 1-3, Van Exel 1-3, Horry 1-5, Ginobili 0-1). Blocked Shots: 7 (Duncan 4, Horry 2, Nesterovic). Turnovers: 14 (Ginobili 3, Finley 2, Duncan 2, Parker 2, Oberto 2, Van Exel 2, Nesterovic). Steals: 5 (Duncan, Bowen, Ginobili, Horry, Barry). Technical Foul: Defensive Three Second, 11:09 fourth.

A: 18,797 (18,500). T: 2:21.