The Oakton football team is under investigation because one of its players, the son of former Washington Redskins star Darrell Green, may have violated residency rules, numerous sources close to the investigation said yesterday.

Opposing coaches and players say Jared Green, a junior wide receiver, lives outside Oakton's enrollment district, Darrell Green said. If Oakton is found to have played an ineligible student by Virginia High School League rules, the Cougars could be forced to forfeit every game in which he played.

"The essence of Darrell Green is integrity, so let me put this clearly," Darrell Green said. "He absolutely, unequivocally has a right to be at that school. They can ask questions and do whatever they want. He will be vindicated."

A decision on Green's eligibility likely will be made in the next week, sources said. Oakton (6-2) is ranked 18th in The Post's Top 20 and is competing for a playoff berth in the Virginia AAA Northern Region's highly competitive Division 6.

Oakton Coach Joe Thompson and Athletic Director Phil Levine declined to comment for this story.

Green transferred to the Vienna public school this past summer after spending two years at O'Connell, a private school in Arlington. At Oakton, Green has often started at wide receiver, making five catches for 41 yards, according to the team's Web site.

An address search lists Jared Green as a resident with both his parents in Ashburn, at an address in Loudoun County's Broad Run district. But Green said yesterday that he has numerous residences, in Texas, Florida, Ashburn and Fairfax.

"I have a residence over there in Fairfax because of my own personal reasons," Green said. "I have my son over there for my own personal reasons. That's all there is to it. That's all anybody is going to find out."

In all investigations involving eligibility complaints, Fairfax County first verifies accusations, then interviews family members, coaches and administrators, said Paul Jansen, the county's student activities director.

"We try to backtrack some of the anonymous sources and figure out what all the motives are," Jansen said. "That's what we're doing, like always.

"We're aware of the playoffs coming up and where we are in the season, but the process is to get the truth, no matter how long it takes."

If Oakton had to forfeit games, it would have an immediate impact on a close playoff race. With one Division 6 playoff spot guaranteed to go to the Patriot District champion, four Concorde District powerhouses -- Oakton, No. 7 Westfield (8-0), No. 8 Centreville (6-2) and No. 9 Robinson (7-1) -- are battling for three spots.

Green did not play last week in a 31-14 victory over Herndon because of questions about his eligibility, other coaches said.

"I never saw him, so I'm pretty sure he didn't play," Herndon Coach Tommy Meier said.

"He'll be back out there," Darrell Green said. "This whole thing is just unfair and hurtful to a 16-year-old kid. The kid hasn't done anything wrong. We haven't done anything wrong."