Maryland fans who expressed unhappiness at my referring to third-ranked Virginia Tech as "Our Hokies" have now stirred up Virginia Tech fans. I wish we could all get along and direct our rancor at Feinstein, whose next book, "Neither One of You Is Duke," will be in stores for the holiday season.

I don't know where Maryland fans get off complaining about Virginia Tech being covered as a local team by The Post. The Hokies took over Byrd Stadium last month and showed just how local the school is. Thousands of Northern Virginia families send their children to Blacksburg every year.

Also, while there may be many alums of West Virginia in the D.C. metro area, the locals don't pay in-state tuition. The day The Post claims West Virginia as a local school is the day I cancel my subscription.

Kevin Stone, Clifton

They were Our Mountaineers in 1988 and 1993, when they were unbeaten in the regular season, and every time they honor my friend Sam Huff (class of '56). Thankfully, you didn't cancel.

I am not alone in being from the metro D.C. area and driving to every Virginia Tech game -- home and away. It's not the 300 mile-drive that matters. It's the loyalty to your team. Check out I-66 on a Saturday morning and look for the Hokie flags en route to Blacksburg.

Richard Davis, Gaithersburg

Fine, but how about getting Our Hokies to lose the awful orange sleeves on their new Nike uniforms? We're not Princeton, you know.

I grew up less than three miles from the Maryland border, and while U-Md. is clearly the D.C. metro area team geographically, the Terps are no more of a home team to those of us from the south side of the Potomac than Michigan. While places like Morgantown and State College, Pa., might be closer to D.C. than Blacksburg, the vast majority of those students and alumni come from West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Go to Blacksburg and Charlottesville and you'll find the majority of in-state students come from the Virginia suburbs, and the majority of out-of-state students come from Baltimore and the Maryland suburbs.

Robert Cotten, Vienna

On Sunday mornings, many college students I know and have known have no clue where they're from.