Yes, the Wizards are out of the gate 3-0. And, yes, it's the first time this franchise has won its first three games since the 1978-79 season, which (drum roll, please) was the last time the franchise was in the NBA Finals. Neat-o, huh?

But before everybody gets carried away with the coincidence, ask yourselves: Who have the Wizards beaten so far?

Toronto, the Knicks, Orlando.

Combined record: 0-9.

None of them made the playoffs last year. They stunk then. They stink now.

The Wizards, who did make the playoffs, are supposed to beat them. Toronto, New York and Orlando are algae to be eaten -- as are Charlotte and Atlanta.

The teams the Wizards have to beat are Chicago, New Jersey, Cleveland, Boston and apparently Milwaukee, with Andrew Bogut and a healthy T.J. Ford. These teams represent the Wizards' peer group. Wins in there would be W's to get excited about.

Last season in a stirring, frosted cake ceremony, the Wizards honored their three all-stars: Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison, who actually were named to the team, and Larry Hughes, whom Abe Pollin announced was an all-star by virtue of the fact that Abe has been an NBA owner in the league for 95 years, and feels he knows an all-star when he sees one. With Hughes gone, the Wizards need to find a third superior player.

One other thing the Wizards need to do is ditch their idiotically loud and overwrought introduction extravaganza. On Saturday night, it appeared the Wizards' starters each rose up through a smoke machine on an elevator contraption, then descended a rickety flight of stairs in the darkened arena. What if one or two fall and kill themselves? (Curse O' Les Boulez.) Plus, a darkened area is dangerous for LaSooz's Singles Nights. Because, when the lights come up in the concourse, you just might go, "Whoa!"

Gilbert Arenas and the Washington Wizards are smokin' so far, but their 3-0 start has come against teams -- the Raptors, Knicks and Magic -- that have a combined 0-9 record.