Excerpts of a telephone interview with Dennit Morris, a former Oklahoma fullback who played in the 1957 game against Notre Dame, a game that ended the Sooners' 47-game win streak:

Was there any sense of overconfidence heading into the game?

A: The way the coach (Bud Wilkinson) handled the squad, we never were overconfident because he would put the fear of God in you. . . . I remember once Colorado had us down 14-0 on our own field and I thought, "Well, I guess this is going to be the end of our streak." You had it in the back of your mind.

What was the pressure like to continue the streak?

A: After it was over, fans, mothers and fathers and girlfriends and wives were all crying. It felt like a terrific load was off of a lot of the guys' shoulders; I know I felt that way. But that was later that you felt that way, not during the game. . . . If we had to play them again, I thought about it over the years, the score would probably end up the same way: 7-0 for Notre Dame.

What was the mood inside the locker room after the game?

A: That's all kind of blank for me. I'm sure I was in some kind of shock that we had got beaten. Right at the end of the game you could feel the pressure.

How was it playing the next week?

A: It was more of a relief that it was over with. That pressure was building all this time, but you tried to keep it in the back of your mind because it wasn't anything that you brought up. After it was over with we were much more proud of it than during the time we had it going.

How would you feel if USC broke Oklahoma's 47-game streak?

A: I was thinking about it this week. Well, if they do, that's good. Records are made to be broken and more power to them.