Jaguars 30, Ravens 3

You gotta hand it to Kyle "Pro" Boller -- first game back from injury and already he's performed a miracle. In this case, it was throwing a late pick for a touchdown that let the Jags finally reach the 30-point mark for the first time in 58 games. Good to have you back, Kyle; I know I speak for defenses around the league when I say you were sorely missed.

Lions 29, Cardinals 21

Speaking of a quarterback who can make any defense look good, Arizona has a defense more than capable of returning the favor. Apparently, the Cards were playing a form of Cover-2 in which neither of the two guys they covered was named Roy Williams.

Vikings 24, Giants 21

Of Minnesota's three touchdowns, none came on rushing or passing plays. Of course, the Vikings aren't so big on doing things by land or by air. You know, they prefer that other route.

Colts 31, Texans 17

The Texans did well to hold Indianapolis to a 10-10 tie in the second half. Too bad for them the first half of the game happened. While we're at it, too bad for them the first half of the season happened.

Packers 33, Falcons 25

Green Bay got a nice performance from running back Samkon Gado, which is pronounced "GAH-do," as in, "What in the name of Gado was Atlanta doing, losing this game?"

Patriots 23, Dolphins 16

Another week, another less-than-scintillating duel of Auburn running backs. Last week, Carolina's Stephen Davis outran Tampa Bay's Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, 48 yards to 29. This week, Miami's Ronnie Brown was topped by New England's Heath Evans, 84-64. Okay, anything involving Heath Evans is at least somewhat scintillating.

Buccaneers 36, Redskins 35

Plenty of shades of Dick Vermeil in this one, from the all-or-nothing decision to run the ball for the win instead of kicking for the tie, to the innumerable Redskins fans blubbering when it was over.

Panthers 30, Jets 3

Jake Delhomme got the win but completed only 50 percent of his passes. Meanwhile, given the Jets' quarterbacking woes, perhaps their motto should be "Get Rich Gannon or Die Tryin'."

Broncos 31, Raiders 17

Before yesterday, Kerry Collins had been uncharacteristically cautious, getting picked off only three times. But when the Raiders fell behind, Collins threw caution to the wind. Note: By "caution," I mean "balls," and by "wind," I mean "Broncos."

Bills 14, Chiefs 3

Forced to sub for injured quarterback Kelly Holcomb, Buffalo's J.P. Losman was surprisingly effective. This on top of much-maligned Joey Harrington's big day for Detroit. Just goes to show, folks, there is only one Kyle "Pro" Boller.

Seahawks 31, Rams 16

Shaun Alexander has a nose for the end zone the way Michael Jackson has a nose for people willing to chop off his nose.

Bears 17, 49ers 9

So what if Chicago produced the longest play in NFL history. San Francisco fans feel like they're enduring the longest year in NFL history.

Steelers 34, Browns 21

Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger sat this one out after minor knee surgery. No truth to the rumor that he and the guy who was busted for passing himself off to women as Roethlisberger went out on the town and introduced each other to local lassies as Mean Joe Greene.

-- Desmond Bieler

Eric Warfield can't stop Buffalo's Lee Evans from scoring on a pass from the surprisingly effective J.P. Losman.