When radio personality Russ Parr moved to the Washington area about a decade ago, he didn't root for the Wizards because "they just didn't have anybody worth watching." Parr, whose syndicated "Russ Parr Morning Show" airs locally on WKYS-FM-93.9, now considers himself a fan. Parr is also the host of TV One's dating show, "Get the HookUp."

How far would the Wizards need to go this year to satisfy you?

Second round, I'm good.

So you don't think they have a shot at winning the championship?

No, not yet. I think you have to have a nucleus of a team play together for at least two years, and we keep switching out a little bit. It's all timing, and it's a matter of untimely injuries and if the coach does a really good job of resting the bodies. You saw last year, the biggest problem with the Miami Heat was they played their guys when they had the division wrapped up. There was no reason to play Shaq, there was no reason to play [Dwyane] Wade, and once they got into the playoffs they all broke down.

Does this Wizards team make you excited?

Yeah, I got excited last year because they played hard. Everybody thought this team was going to fall apart after [Michael] Jordan left. They actually got better, and that's a testimonial to Abe Pollin. He took a stand, and he took a lot of heat for it. And I think the GM, [Ernie] Grunfeld, has really done a good job.

Did you ever play?

Yeah, I played in college, Merced Junior College in central California.

Really? Could you help the Wizards?

Oh, absolutely. The bottom line is that I can bring them Gatorade, I can get them girls and all the steroids that they need.

Who do you think is the most sought-after bachelor on the team?

Probably Gilbert [Arenas]. Because I think he is single, isn't he? We do this thing on the radio at the beginning of the NBA season: 'Who can get it and who can't.' And Gilbert got a lot of get it. He could have his way in D.C.

Who else has a lot of get it?

Well, there's a lot of guys that are not going to get it: Sam Cassell, anyone with the last name Wallace in Detroit. The 'Get-Its' were the Allen Iversons, the Chris Webbers, those kinds of guys.

What about Kwame Brown?

As far as gettin' it's concerned? No one really mentioned him. Kwame looks like he's 13.

What do you think about the NBA's new dress code?

These cats complaining about the dress code, have you seen some of these guys at clubs? These basketball players say they don't want to be noticed, then they'll show up in these clubs in loud green suits and they're 6-11; who is not going to notice them? Allen Iverson shows up with about 18 guys in cornrows who look just like him, what kind of narcissistic crap is that? 'Oh, I just don't want to be noticed.' You're 6-foot-10 and you're wearing a yellow suit and yellow shoes, you look like a big yield sign in the corner. Who is not going to notice you?

-- Dan Steinberg