Woodbridge played its final regular season game Thursday night, and Franklin County did likewise Friday. But the teams, which finished with identical Virginia High School League power ratings, could not find out, officially, until Sunday where they would be seeded in the Northwestern Region Virginia AAA Division 6 pairings.

Woodbridge Coach Keith King, for one, found the wait "frustrating."

"It'd be nice if maybe the VHSL took it as seriously as the coaches do and got in there and figured it out Saturday and got it posted," said King, whose fourth-seeded team will play at seven-time region champion Hylton. "As a coach you say, 'Okay, we're tied with so and so.' So what does that tell me?"

Bruce Patrick, a VHSL assistant director, said sometimes there are Saturday games that must be taken into account before the computer can accurately calculate the new power rankings and, in this case, determine the 96-school playoff field. He suggests coaches try to determine the pairings themselves and have a contingency plan in place.

"We might be a little slower than some people may want," said Patrick, who coached at Mount Vernon and whose son, Jim, is a Hylton assistant. "The safest way is you've got to wait until all the scores are in. We're not going to release it in bits and pieces. We're not going to release anything until we're 100 percent sure."

-- Preston Williams

Woodbridge's Keith King calls the wait for playoff seedings "frustrating."