A sexually explicit rap song performed by a group featuring several current and former Miami Hurricane football players was called "inappropriate" and "demeaning" by Athletic Director Paul Dee.

The nine-minute song, which describes lewd sexual acts and denigrates women, was recorded two years ago by a group calling itself the Seventh Floor Crew -- a reference to a student residence hall. Hurricanes Coach Larry Coker confirmed that several players were part of the group, but he declined further comment.

"The content of the recording is unfortunate, inappropriate and demeaning," Dee said in a statement. "The university and the athletic department disapprove of the content and its references. To those who may hear this material, we apologize. Any students whose voices can be identified will be subject to appropriate discipline and-or counseling."

Dee said the matter will be handled internally. He said the performance should be kept in perspective as one that took place in private and wasn't intended for public distribution.

The song surfaced on a student's blog Tuesday. Coincidentally, that same day Coker spoke of how Miami's image as an outlaw program has improved since he arrived as offensive coordinator in 1995. He became head coach in 2001.

"A perception here maybe before was, 'Yeah, Miami wins a lot of games, but my son's not going there,' " Coker said. "That's not the perception anymore. Now it's, 'They win a lot of games, and I want my son to be part of that.' "

-- From News Services

Miami Coach Larry Coker says team has shed its outlaw image. Players' "demeaning" song may damage it.