It's hard to get a grasp on just how bad Boller has been this year because he has missed all but two games with a hyperextended big toe. So perhaps we should give him a pass, even though he has thrown four interceptions and has led the Ravens to exactly three points.

On second thought, no pass for you, Kyle. Your 66.3 career passer rating is worse than Joey Harrington's. Your 54.8 career completion percentage is worse than Aaron Brooks's.

Boller apparently has decided the only receivers worthy of his passes are tight end Todd Heap or wide receiver Derrick Mason. Boller threw the ball Heap's or Mason's way 15 times in Sunday's embarrassing loss to the Jags. Jacksonville cornerback Terry Cousin, who intercepted Boller twice, said his job was made much easier because Boller was looking at only two receivers.

But don't take my word for it. Instead, here's future Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe:

"I'm convinced that Kyle Boller can't play," Sharpe said on his satellite radio show this week. "I have seen nothing in his mechanics. I've seen nothing in his ability. I've seen nothing that would indicate to me that you can build a franchise around this guy.

"Here's the thing: Kyle Boller plays just good enough to get him cut and you fired, which is a lose-lose situation."

-- Matt Bonesteel