One of the early hallmarks of the Washington Wizards is a willingness to share the basketball, but Coach Eddie Jordan wishes his players were more aggressive at times.

"Sometimes I have to tell them to shoot as opposed to last year when I had to tell them to pass," Jordan said. "We're so unselfish and we have six new guys who are learning the offense so there's a little bit of a bump in the road there. I want our guys to be a little more aggressive. If there is a 10-foot shot there, go ahead and take it. I like the extra pass but I like them to take advantage and be aggressive when the opportunities are there."

Jordan didn't single out any players, but he might have been alluding to forward Jared Jeffries, who attempted only two shots (missing both) in Thursday night's loss at Minnesota.

For Arenas, Lessons Learned?

In five career games against New Jersey's Jason Kidd, Gilbert Arenas has had plenty of opportunities to learn about point guard play at its highest level. Prior to Saturday night's game, Kidd was averaging 29.4 points, 8.8 assists and 6.4 rebounds to Arenas's 13.2 points, 3.4 assists and 4.2 rebounds in head-to-head meetings. Kidd also holds a 3-2 advantage in wins.

"It's about making other people better, controlling the tempo of the game, playing smarter on both ends of the floor, knowing that defense is really, really important," said Jordan, who coached Kidd as an assistant with the Nets. "To will your team to victory like Jason Kidd has done in the past. That's what defines what you are as a player."