Raiders WR Randy Moss

vs. Redskins cornerback

Shawn Springs

Now that Terrell Owens has been suspended by the Philadelphia Eagles, a healthy Moss could be considered the most dangerous receiver in the game. Springs, the Redskins' best cover corner, will spend a good part of his day trying to keep Moss from doing too much damage, though he'll also be a key man in Redskins' blitz packages. Springs is likely to spend some time on another solid receiver, Washington native Jerry Porter, who has 41 receptions.

Raiders Coach Norv Turner vs. Redskins assistant Gregg Williams

Turner, who coached the Redskins from 1994 to 2000, is considered one of the NFL's brightest offensive minds, a reputation he first earned as offensive coordinator for the Cowboys in the early 1990s. His bitter departure here, fired by owner Daniel Snyder with three games left in the 2000 season and the Redskins sporting a winning record, certainly will provide plenty of incentive for Turner to pull out all the offensive stops against his old team. Williams, considered one of the league's best defensive coaches, has seen his unit become susceptible to big plays. He'll have his hands full trying to slow an Oakland offense that has multiple big-play options.

The Redskins' defense, orchestrated by Gregg Williams, left, will have their hands full with Norv Turner's dangerous offense. Turner coached Washington for almost 7 years.