Many fans still reeling over the final four minutes of the Redskins game in Tampa last Sunday. Therapy sessions still available from talkback@

Joe Gibbs is 25 games into his second tenure with the Redskins. With all his experience and previous success, isn't his record (11-14) exactly the same as Steve Spurrier's after 25 games as coach of the Redskins?

I'm not sure if Spurrier was fired, quit or left after the 2003 season. But did Spurrier give himself, or was he given, enough time to prove himself in the pros? Was he really that unhappy here? Is he just an ideal college coach whose expertise, talent and approach didn't transfer to the pros?

Patrick Bogenberger, Arlington

The records are the records, but the current Redskins team is better than the two Spurrier coached. Spurrier left of his own accord after the 2003 season because he didn't enjoy the pro game, or believe he was helping the Redskins improve. He's a terrific college coach who says he's better suited to the college game.

I read with interest last week's letter about the Capitals being hurt at the gate because they were placed with Southern teams instead of in a division with Boston, Philadelphia and New York. I believe this is also an issue for the Wizards, who were excluded from joining traditional Northeast rivals like Philly, New York, Boston and New Jersey. All of those teams are closer than Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta and Orlando, which have no rivalry with the Wizards.

Joe Williams, Annapolis

NBA officials will say it's the Eastern Conference that matters -- not the Southeast Division. Still, I agree with you and miss heated division games against the Knicks, Celtics and 76ers.

How can Fox leave the Giants-Vikings game with under 1:30 left, the Giants scoring a touchdown and in a timeout before going for two points to tie the game? Is the first quarter action of the local (Redskins) team more important than the end of a tight game?

Shawn Kelly, Laurel

The local Fox affiliate, WTTG-5, is contractually obligated to televise the entire local team's game.