Raiders 16, Redskins 13

Sweet revenge for Norv Turner. And sour grapes from Dan Snyder, who sniffed that the Raiders probably would have won by a lot more had they been coached by Terry Robiskie.

Colts 45, Bengals 37

For my money, the leader in the clubhouse for NFL game of the year. Unless you're a fan of defense. But since they say the best defense is a good offense (don't they?), everyone should be happy. Except, of course, Bengals fans. But if God had intended for Bengals fans to be happy, He probably wouldn't have let them become Bengals fans.

Cardinals 38, Rams 28

So Kurt Warner throws a bunch of touchdown passes to lead his team to victory in St. Louis. Just like old times, right? Not really. The game resulted in Arizona actually not losing. Most un-old-times-like.

Bears 13, Panthers 3

With a dominating defense, the Bears are looking like the Monsters of the Midway again. But with a popgun offense, they're still only midway to being a really good team.

Buccaneers 30, Falcons 27

It may not be 867-5309, but Tampa Bay clearly has Atlanta's number, having won eight of 10 meetings.

Jaguars 31, Titans 28

That epic inability to reach 30 points is just a distant memory for Jacksonville. Move over, Colin Farrell -- Byron Leftwich's crew is a scoring machine.

Giants 27, Eagles 17

Despite the loss, Mike McMahon played pretty well for Philadelphia. Which made it all the more surprising when Coach Andy Reid later appeared on ESPN and claimed the team would be better off with Brett Favre at quarterback.

Browns 22, Dolphins 0

Miami's Sage Rosenfels and Gus Frerotte were held to a combined 55 net yards through the air. Delta House had an easier time passing than that.

Ravens 16, Steelers 13 (OT)

Oh, so just because Baltimore won and Kyle "Pro" Boller wasn't completely terrible, I'm supposed to lay off him? Never! Herewith, the following observations on Boller's play.

Boller's play is so ugly that:

* When it sticks its head out of the window, it gets arrested for mooning.

* They filmed "Gorillas in the Mist" in its shower.

* When it walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillance cameras.


Patriots 24, Saints 17

Playing from behind, Aaron Brooks heaved it 50 times. Coincidentally, so has the average Saints fan while being subjected to this team's nauseating season.

Seahawks 27, 49ers 25

Just when you start to think the Seahawks may be for real, they turn into the real Seahawks. This win over the wretched 49ers was shakier than the camera work in "The Blair Witch Project."

Broncos 27, Jets 0

From the looks of it, the Jets may be tuning out Coach Herm Edwards. Then again, even Herm's namesake, psychic John Edwards, would have trouble getting through to this lifeless squad.

Chargers 48, Bills 10

Rather strong performance by Drew Brees. So far, Philip Rivers hasn't publicly said he wants out of San Diego, but in a telling move, he recently had himself legally adopted by Archie Manning.

Cowboys 20, Lions 7

With 22 total penalties (17 by Detroit), there were more flags in the air than at a Republican convention. And with just 12 short completions against 42 rushes, Dallas's game plan was nearly as conservative.

Chiefs 45, Texans 17

Houston's Dom Capers is the only coach in NFL history to lead two expansion teams from their inception. So one way to look at him is as the head coach of expansion teams. Another would be as the expansion team of head coaches.

-- Desmond Bieler

Tennessee's Chris Brown, left, celebrates with Courtney Roby after scoring a second-quarter touchdown. That was about all the celebrating they did in the Titans' 31-28 loss to Jacksonville.